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Decor with Dreamy Pampas Grass

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Step-by-step guide to dry, preserve and style with trendy Pampas Plumes.

Probably lately you've been noticing this fluffy dreamy plumes decorating interior spaces. Pampas plumes had became pretty popular amongst other dried plants and we can tell why! Here we will give you a quick guide of how to collect, dry and preserve, and style with dreamy Pampas plumes.

First things first, find the perfect plumes.

Which means look for a fully developed but not shedding Pampas Grass.

You will need [1] a pair of thick gloves as they will prevent the grass' sharp leaves to cut your hands. Also, [2] pruning shears to cut the plumes. Make sure to cut the plumes at soil level and trim it to desired length depending on your vase arrangement after the drying process.

Prepare the plumes for the drying process

In order to preserve the Pampas Plumes' fluffiness, you will need to properly dry them. This will also lower the chances of further shedding that might occur.

Time to dry...

Tie all plumes together, make sure to give it a good shake and hang upside down in a cool, dark and dry place for approximately two weeks. Little tip, Make sure nothing is pressing the plumes as it might cause deformed shapes after drying. It might seem like a long time, but it is necessary if you want to hold on to those dreamy fluffs for a longer time.

A couple more steps and the plumes are ready.

Don't worry the hard part is over, waiting has finally came to an end and we are ready to prepare our plumes for vase arrangement. Only a few more steps better not to forget;

+ Remove the extra green leaves from the stems of the plumes.

+ Cut the plume ends on the desired length. Make sure to measure the height of your vase and try to decide the location upfront as these might affect the length of your plumes.

And voila! the plumes are ready for styling.

Arrange the plumes in your vase and once the desired look is achieved, coat them evenly with hairspray. This will help maintain the pampas grass plumes longer and help keep shedding at minimum.

Since the plumes are already dried, the plant do not require any water. Shelf life of a dried and well preserved Pampas Grass is about 3 years. Enjoy your plumes!

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