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How to Choose the Right Font for Your Brand

The impact of typography in brand development

Did you know that Fonts have characters too?

Often underestimated the power of typography in Branding. It is a very powerful tool if you know how to choose the font that suits you the best. Think of them as reflections of your thoughts. The wrong font can completely derail the message a brand is trying to send; while the right font can help you speak to your dream client the correct way.

So what are the most important factors when selecting a typeface for your brand?

Mood and Character —> Does it fit the character of your brand? Yes, fonts can be modern, serious, fun, masculine and a lot more & you should seek the ones that embody the spirit of your brand.

Legibility —> Is it clear and legible in all conditions? You might have to use this font in various sizes and colors, so make sure it’s a typeface that’s easy to read. Some fonts are really pretty looking but made only to display and not meant to be used in larger documents.

Versatility —> Is it versatile enough? The fonts that have larger families such as Avenir or Silk serif carry different thicknesses and forms of the same font; so you can easily use the one needed without having to change the mood/look of your brand.

Combining two fonts —> When selecting 2 fonts, use a little contrast but remember to stay harmonious. Combining serif with sans serif is a classic move. Check out some pretty cool font pairing sites that will be helpful; such as Font Joy or Font Pair.

Serif vs Sans Serif: What’s the Difference?

Understanding the difference between these two categories will help you start narrowing down which one is right for you. And it's pretty easy. Serif has decorative strokes at the ends of some parts of the letters and it's been used in newspapers and novels for better readability, so as been known as traditional and trustworthy. While the sans-serif came into the equation pretty later as a more modern, approachable and clean alternative and has been used in digital platforms for better readability. Established and serious practices like law practices, editorials can lean towards serif fonts; while companies who wants their brands to appear young and relatable tend to use sans-serif fonts more often.

Where to find cool fonts from?

There are many platforms that you can purchase licensing and download from thousands of fonts as well as some free open source font sites. My fonts is a well-known website where you can find most of the typefaces available in the market, whereas Creative market is a platform where you can find more unique fonts. And finally, a free licensing font website dafont is worth checking out!

Check out some of my recent favorites from Creative Market;

Good luck with your font selections, share your pairings and creations and tag #camaradesign so we can share your designs!


Do you need help creating your dream brand?

We have packages from logo design to complete style guide that includes font and color selections that are right for your brand.


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